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Effective Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Chiropractic Care in Cambridge, Ontario

Being in pain is no fun

We are a family owned Physiotherapy clinic located across from the Cambridge Hospital. We offer Physiotherapy, Chiropractic therapy, Massage therapy, Laser therapy, Spinal decompression, Shockwave therapy and Acupunture services for Motor vehicle accidents (MVA), Work related injuries (WSIB), sports injuries, Refugee claims (IFHP), Extended Health (EHC) and private clients. We provide physiotherapy services for the Cambridge, Preston, Galt, and Hespeler area.

Cambridge Physiotherapy helps you get moving again!

First, you undergo a thorough initial assessment. Then, your Cambridge Physiotherapist develops an individualized physiotherapy program for your unique recovery goals. As you continually progress, they reassess and determine the changes necessary to continue your recovery.  We help you get back to your regular job or sports activities that you enjoy.

Cambridge Physiotherapy helps you achieve your goals!

You receive exceptional care catered to your precise recovery needs.

Why choose Cambridge Physiotherapy?

  • We are a multidisciplinary clinic providing a broad range of physiotherapy and massage therapy services.
  • Experienced Physiotherapists - Experts assess your injury and provide evidence-based, proven treatments.
  • Direct Billing - Direct billing saves time and money! Cambridge Physiotherapy offers direct billing for Extended Health Plans (EHC), Work related claims (WSIB), Motor vehicle accidents (MVA),  and Interim federal health program (IFHP)
  • Location - Across from the Cambridge Hospital. Free Parking provided by us.

We Treat/Direct Bill to

  • Motor Vehicle Accident - MVA claims
  • Work Related injuries - WSIB claims
  • Refugee - IFHP coverage
  • Extended Health Coverage
  • Private

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