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Compression Stocking

At Cambridge physiotherapy, our experienced and highly trained physiotherapist will determine what kind of graduated compression stocking is best for you.  We have sigvaris,baurefind, jaini and other companies compression stockings. For medical and customized stocking our experienced therapist will do proper measurement and will order accordingly.

Graduated compression stocking ( 15-20 mm of Hg)

Fatigued,heavy ,aching legs.

Mild swelling of ankles during pregnancy

Mild ankle Swelling of ankles after long period of standing or sitting

Tired, achy and swollen feet and ankles during travel.

Graduated compression stocking ( 20-30 mm of Hg)

Heavy Fatigued,tired and aching legs after prolonged standing and sitting job

Mild varicosities during pregnancy

Mild edema/varicose vein

Recovery post-surgery for vein procedure

Post surgery swelling in leg due to inactivity

Graduated compression stocking ( 30-40 mm of Hg)

Moderate to severe Varicosities with mild edema during pregnancy

Moderate to mild varicosities

Post fracture edema


Venous ulcer


Graduated compression stocking ( 40-50 mm of Hg)

Severe edema, varicosities or lymphoedema

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