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Chiropractic Services

 Chiropractic Services at The Cambridge Physiotherapy adds to our Multidisciplinary Approach. Chiropractors are primary healthcare professionals that have completed their doctor of chiropractic program at an accredited College 

They specializes in treating dysfunctions in your muscles, soft tissues, joints, bones or nervous system. At the point when you come in for chiropractic care at The cambridge Physiotherapy you will get a manual hand-on approach to healthcare that is drug free, highly effective and safe.

At The cambridge Physiotherapy our experienced physiotherapist evaluate, analyze, treat and restore your function and eliminate the chance of injury recurrences. 

Based on assessment findings, your chiropractor will develop a customized plan of care which will help to resolve your aches, pain and injuries.

The Cambridge Physiotherapy provides chiropractic services in Cambridge, Galt, Hespeler and Preston area.

Call us at 519-621-9355 to book an appointment.

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