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Physiotherapy treatment for Rotator Cuff Pain

Physiotherapy treatment for Rotator Cuff Related shoulder pain

In this article we will discuss about rehab process for treating Rotator cuff related shoulder pain. Most patient with Rotator cuff pain will have following issues:

Decreased Range of motion particularly forward motion, side motion, rotation and reaching behind back

Decreased strength in shoulder and scapular muscle

Inflammation or tenderness over shoulder joint.

Increased tone in neck muscle or tight neck muscle

Limited upper back mobility and strength

In athletes limited abduction with external rotation. (Pitching, throwing motion etc.)

Everyone is different and there are four Rotator cuff muscle, but this presentation will fit most of demographics.

Philosophy for Rehab Process at the Cambridge physiotherapy will involve addressing all presentation, empowerment and education.

Rehab process at the Cambridge physiotherapy will involve reducing pain with modalities, improving rom at shoulder level and thoracic level, strengthening shoulder, scapular mobility, thoracic muscle and reducing tone at neck level.

Lastly, one of the most important parts of rehab process will education, activity modification and Home exercises with remedies.

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