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Herniated disc pain and Spinal Decompression therapy

Herniated disc pain is one of the worst weakening and excruciating pain influencing people from age 30 and up. Herniation can occur at lower back and neck level which can irritate adjacent nerves, causing excruciating pain in neck, arms or lower back, legs depending on herniation level.

Herniated Disc pain can be greatly uncomfortable and will affect an individual’s quality of life. Herniated disc pain can be managed without surgery. Most often surgeries are used as last resort.

Few Tips to manage herniated disc pain

Hot and cold therapy: Hot and Cold pack if applied to affected area safely can help you to relieve inflammation and reduce pain.

Avoiding movements which aggravates pain: Avoiding any physical activities or movement that triggers pain or referred pain down to arms or leg.

Improve your lower back range of motion and strength: good range of motion in lower back and core strength will allow to relieve pressure around affected area.

Improve your flexibility: Due to pain and dysfunction some muscle will get tight and weaken. A licensed physiotherapist can help you reduce pain and teach some exercises

Avoid pressure on affected area: avoid prolonged sitting, laying down on your tummy, heavy lifting, wearing heel for long period etc.

At our clinic, herniated disc is treated with spinal decompression therapy, Tens or laser , manual therapy and exercise therapy.

For Spinal Decompression therapy please visit our previous blog at https://www.thecambridgephysiotherapy.com/blog/Spinal-Decompression-and-how-it-works

If you have any additional questions regarding herniated disc pain , please call us at 519-621-9355.

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